Welcome to GVC Ltd, an advertising, branding and design agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

GVC was established to provide clients with a flexible way to get better creative outputs, quicker and cheaper.
Founded by Guy Vickerstaff, ex Chair of the IPA and one of the country's most awarded, experienced and connected creatives.

Working with creatives doesn’t need to be complicated, so we keep things simple. Once we’ve established the project scope, we put together an experienced team made up of only the people you need. ​​​​​​​
An art direction project will need just one person but a film content campaign will require a team. If your project needs channel-specific talent eg packaging, podcasting, prototyping, then our model flexes easily to accommodate. 
We operate a hub and spoke model inspired by film production. You pay only for the people you need and we ensure those people are the best.
Take a look at some of the projects our team have worked on prior to GVC. 
Let's talk about BETTERFASTERCHEAPER creative work for you.
Email: info@GVC.agency​​​​​​​
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Guy Vickerstaff Creative Ltd.  12713676  Registered office: 130 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9BD
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